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Gaming and Other Content - Keeping our children safe!

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Internet safety advice is directly applicable to the gaming environment because of the risks that are present.

It is essential that children are aware of these issues and are given the skills and knowledge to help manage and reduce these risks, with the help of those around them.

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One of the best online resources for in-depth information on content including movies, books, games, apps and websites.

The age ratings given on this website dig a bit deeper than your average game rating and you can find lots of useful feedback from other parents too.

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Make sure you scroll down on this page for console-specific advice (e.g. Nintendo, Playstation, xBox, PSP)

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Childnet Education Officer Tom offers some top tips for parents to help young people stay safe on Roblox.

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Tips and advice for keeping children safe on Minecraft from the NSPCC.

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What is Live Streaming?

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"If there's one thing you should know about Fortnite as a parent, it's that you shouldn't let your kid play with voice chat on." - Tom's Guide for parents on Fortnite.

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A parents guide to Fortnite: Battle Royale.

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Common Sense Media's "Parents' Ultimate Guide to Fortnite"

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Internet Matters has a new article for parents showing some of the top child-friendly games for children aged 3 upwards.

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