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Communication - Ways to contact us

  1. ​Online: Our general admin email - admin.johnbramston@redbridge.gov.uk            Telephone the school office - 02085004640
  2. If you want to communicate with your specific class teacher - you will be given a direct email address. Please ask if not received.
  3. Personal communication opportunities - Class teachers/Staff may be available to have a brief word as you drop off/collect your child, otherwise an appointment can be made.
  4. Senior staff are available in the school playground, please approach them if needed.
  5. Communication chain is usually Office - Class Teacher- Phase Leader - Deputy Headteacher - Headteacher
  6. Suggestion box - located in school reception.
  7. Text/email system - regular letter/emails shared with families.
  8. Surveys and Electronic Forms online - As technology advances, our Electronic Forms provide efficient and instant gathering of feedback etc from families. This is linked to your shared mobile number and email addresses. PLEASE KEEP US UPDATED of any new numbers as you may miss important information.
  9. Parent Help Videos to support learning at John Bramston can be found under the Parents Tab

We always aim to do our best in partnership with Families. If you have followed the above and are still not satisfied, then our Complaints Procedure is linked here to follow.

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